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How to choose a Smart Star Projector?

From:www.nanxin88.com    Date:2021-09-03
Want to see the sky full of stars at home? A starry sky projector can let you lie on the bed in the bedroom and enjoy the starry sky! As a healing lamp, the star projector is not only a good choice for personal use, but also a great choice for gifts.

Therefore, today we will talk about the key points of choosing a star projector. In addition to being suitable for relaxing before going to bed, there are also many tall products that can enjoy the starry sky while bathing! Come take a look.

LED light source, beautiful and energy-saving

The light source of the starry sky projector mainly has two types: LED and traditional light bulb. Among them, LED is the mainstream of the market. Due to the high brightness of the light source, many planets and constellations can be mapped, and the power consumption can be greatly reduced, which is the most recommended.

On the contrary, starry sky projectors that use ordinary bulbs are rarely seen in the market. After all, most of the current bulbs are LED light sources. But just in case, it is safer to check the type of light source before buying.

Pinhole? Optical? Choose according to the projection effect

The projection method of starry sky projector can be divided into pinhole type and optical type.

The pinhole starry sky projector mainly projects a picture through a sphere with a built-in light bulb. Due to its simple structure, it is relatively cheap and suitable for beginners in starry sky projectors.

The other projection method, optical, uses real stellar templates and lenses to project stars. It has a larger projection scale and a higher degree of restoration, and it is the projection method used by the planetarium. Compared with the pinhole type, the optical starry sky projector can project beautiful images with high precision, and the number of stars projected is also larger. If you want to see more magnificent stars, it is recommended to choose our company''''''''s products with this projection method!

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