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Intelligent power sockets popular science knowledge

From:www.nanxin88.com    Date:2021-09-08

Product Features

Smart shunt

Smart power strips usually have different current output interfaces, such as 1A regular current, 2.4A high current and other current classifications, mobile phones use standard 1A current charging, and smart devices such as tablets use 2.4A high current charging. Compared with ordinary power strips, they are shunted. Charging can avoid damage to the device due to improper current and reduce the waiting time for charging.

USB output interface design

Traditional power strips are also constantly updated, but most of them are changes in external form; while smart power strips integrate the USB ports commonly used in smart devices into the power strips, and users do not need to bring their own charging connectors when using them. Charging reduces congestion and improves utilization space.

Shell selection

The company''''s smart power strip uses a new PC material shell, which is pure white, which is more heat-resistant and has relatively higher safety performance. Some ordinary power strips with yellowing shells are mostly made of recycled plastic, and some will add color materials, which poses a certain safety hazard.

Security Level

The thickness of the copper strip of the company''''s power strip is about 0.5mm, and the thicker design is adopted. For example, the 0.6mm copper sheet is used, and a safety door design is also added to the jack to more effectively prevent potential safety hazards such as electric shock and leakage.

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