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Smart star projector mobile APP Control

From:www.nanxin88.com    Date:2021-09-03

Smart phone APP control, more convenient operation

1. Operational arbitrariness: Operational arbitrariness is the diversification of operation methods. Consumers can control with smart touch screens, and can also use mobile phones or tablets to control; in addition, Smart Star Projector can be at any time, any place and any situation Realize timely and comprehensive understanding and control of any equipment indoors and outdoors. The smart starry sky projector can achieve different scene effects according to the personal needs of consumers, such as pre-setting the "home mode", when the door is opened, the light that needs to be turned on will automatically light up.

2. Multiple extended functions: Smart Star Projector can meet the needs of residential users of different types, different scenes, and different styles. The software system of the smart home control host can be upgraded online, and the control functions will continue to increase and improve.

The development and design of smart home APP is nowadays smart home equipment maintains the mobile phone software system configuration transformation, creating a more multi-faceted intelligent system for customers to save time and effort to use smart product machinery and equipment.

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